Cancer and Alcohol Connected

New Alcohol Risk Warning

A recent study in the UK, has advised, seven cancers are caused by alcohol.

Most people are finding this affronting. We have not been informed about the cancer risk, except for perhaps liver cancer, from alcohol consumption.
While the study did not recommend the safe amount of alcohol to consume it did recommend to have one or two alcohol-free days each week.

Like most all things we do, we all accept moderation in everything is simply smart. Alcohol consumption is obviously not different.

It is easier than people realise to drink less, consume alcohol on fewer days or even cease entirely, if not regularly. The number of individuals I have come for hypnosis to reduce or remove their alcohol consumption weakness is considerable. Most want to stop at one wine instead of being forced to consume the entire open bottle. It seems so many humans fail to acknowledge they, in fact, have complete control over their choice of their alcohol consumption amount. It is also apparent that many people fail to understand they have complete control over the amount of alcohol they choose to drink or not drink. The choice is yours.
Is it a difficult choice at times, yes it can be. Socially and emotionally we drink alcohol. We celebrate with alcohol; we drown our sorrows in alcohol, and sometimes the alcohol becomes our best friend.

Any excess of anything is bad, but we also all know that too. It is a matter of choice. The Virtual Hypnotherapy session ‘Remove Habit’ is designed to assist anyone wanting to drink less or stop drinking. We all need a little help and support at times, and this support can seal the deal and make that transition far easier once the subconscious mind is connected with the conscious desire to slow down or cease drinking alcohol.

The suggestion of a couple of alcohol-free days each week is smart. Everyone needs to adhere to this rule. Perhaps one weekend a month is also a great addition to this and can allow us to understand how we can, in fact, remain social, fun and friendly even if not consuming alcohol. Most people are excited to discover how easy this is, far more than ever expected.

I implore you all to consider having some alcohol-free days each week and at least one weekend each month. Your body, mind and wallet will all benefit. Your children will learn restraint and parents can demonstrate the fact that we can choose to drink or not drink. We can display how one can manage an issue, celebrate an event, get through a tough day without the crouch of alcohol reliance.

Anyone wishing to cease their excessive drinking, please visit and grab your Remove Habit hypnosis audio session today.

Read complete article in The Guardian

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