Relationship between sleep and weight

There is new research telling us there is a  relationship between good quality sleep and weight loss.

Research also tells us that lack of good quality sleep has a detrimental affect on our weight.

Many people are unable to obtain good quality sleep; numerous overweight people find it more difficult it hard to obtain that full restful sleep each night and many snore which means they are unable to have that deep, restful sleep we really need to process our days’ events and emotions.

Long term sleep deprivation can affect the way our body stores and metabolises food and we also have higher stress levels which can contribute to excessive comfort eating.

Research tell us that lack of sleep can develop ‘metabolic syndrome’ resulting in cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, even dementia. We also need a good 8 hours of sleep to control our hormones Ghrelin and Leptin. Ghrelin is the hunger hormone, and if we suffer from sleep deprivation plus eat low levels of good or complete protein, this can result in the hunger hormone Ghrelin continuing to act. Leptin is our appetite suppressant, and this can fail to activate if we are sleep deprived, skip meals or suffer higher stress which is often the result of sleep deprivation. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Getting restful, relaxing sleep 7 – 8 hours each night is vital. How else can we manage to reduce that excess weight we have been carrying around? Eating smaller meals is more beneficial than eating large meals. Our body is more capable of digesting small amounts of food. The fact is we need a very small amount of food. If you make a fist, place fingers of your other hand around your wrist and look at your fist. This is the size of your stomach. We are also told we should only be eating no more than 60% of the size of our stomach. Now you can understand the excessive amount of food most of us consume.

Why is it so many people suffer from sleep deprivation? It is becoming more common and more an issue every year. This, therefore, has a severe effect on peoples’ health and weight.

How then can we ensure we do sleep soundly every night and when my mind continues to race every night when I lay down?

This is a common issue, especially these days when life is so hectic, and pressures are high. We are expected to be every thing to everyone, work demands are often excessive, children are extremely demanding, then we try to manage our responsibilities, life and Me time. Is it any wonder why so many of us can’t switch off our mind and sleep soundly of a night? Is it any wonder when we finally get to sleep we wake up again with our mind speeding off again? As a clinical hypnotherapist, I have worked for years with people suffering debilitating effects due to lack of sleep. I am so proud to release the new Sleep Soundly audio hypnosis session.

After considerable trials using the new audio on numerous sleep deprived clients, we had 83% reporting a greatly improved and deep long sleep each night. People advised they were able to get off to sleep far faster and when they listened to the audio session every night for a few nights they fell asleep faster and remained asleep deeper for their 7 – 8 hours. Their body, it was reported, developed a new sleep habit. People also commented that if any stressor is increased affecting their mind being unable to stop, they simply listened again and the result was almost instant.

Most all people using this audio and sleeping better reported increased energy levels and weight loss. Their weight loss was not massive, but those who had no intention to lose any weight still lost weight simply due to their body being well rested and metabolic rate becoming corrected naturally.

Good restful sleep is essential to physical, emotional and mental health. We all need to do whatever we can to ensure our body receives this every night.

Visit Virtual Hypnotherapy and select the Sleep Audio from Purple selection boxes and start enjoying a deep, relaxing sleep every night.

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