Hypnotherapy Can Save Your Life

Man Dies from Habit that could have been Stopped using Hypnotherapy

The article of this poor man dying due to his nail biting habit only stresses the importance of us learning how to take back our control.

Hypnotherapy enables people to do this. I read with despair this man should have and could have lived a long happy life if only he know how to stop this habit and regain his control. He could have learnt how to manage his anxiety issues and gone on to live a more calm, relaxed life enjoying time with his family and friends.

Please don’t let this happen to you. For less than $10 you can live a healthy happy life without debilitating habits and life affecting issues.

Man in UK dies from heart attack caused by nail biting habit

He bit his nails until it killed him.

A 40-year-old British man had such a chronic nail biting habit that it led to a fatal infection, an inquest into his death found. The blood infection affected his heart, triggering a heart attack days after his 40th birthday. He died in the hospital after doctors worked for two weeks to save him.

This is a death of great sadness to everybody — his death happened so suddenly.

Read full article in UK Daily News


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