Overcoming Common Weight Loss Challenges

Overcoming Common Weight Loss Challenges

For most people, there is nothing easy about losing weight. It wouldn’t be the multi-billion dollar industry it is, if shedding the weight was easy. This is compounded by the fact that so many people keep making claims that all people who are obese really need to do is eat less and exercise more. The truth is that many people facing obesity spend a great deal of time counting and cutting calories whilst enduring gruelling and painful workouts on a routine basis. There are many challenges they face in their attempts to lose weight. These are just a few.

Daily Exercise

Not only is exercise painful, but it is often difficult to fit into busy schedules. Suggestions are that people interested in losing weight should exercise 30 minutes per day at a minimum with two or three longer workouts thrown into the mix each week. For those who don’t have facilities to exercise in their homes this can be expensive, embarrassing, and difficult to manage (with their hectic home and work schedules).

Special Diets

There are so many special diets available today it’s difficult to keep up with them all. From things like Trim Healthy Mama, Low Carb, Keto Diets, Soup Diets, Cabbage Diets, Paleo Primal Diets, the South Beach Diet, and more to choose from it is easy to see the diet confusion, and why many people feel as though they’re being set up to fail every time they begin a new diet.

Not only are the diets difficult to follow, but they are also expensive to begin. There are books, special foods that must be purchased, and more just to get started.

Embarrassing Public Weigh-Ins

People who are trying to lose weight know, all too well, how much weight they’re carrying. The last thing they need is to share that news with a bunch of strangers. While some might claim it’s about encouraging and celebrating success, for many it only serves to add to the humiliation and shame they feel – especially when they’ve tried so hard and still failed to meet their weight loss goals for the week.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss allows people to leave all these things behind in favour of something that offers results without the less palatable aspects of weight loss. Hypnotherapy allows users to stop obsessing over food and change how they think about it altogether.

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