Smoking ban in public housing to improve health of millions

Smoking ban in public housing to improve health of millions

A proposal from the U.S. Office of Housing and Urban Development making all public housing smoke-free represents a “an unparalleled opportunity” to introduce a smoking ban in public housing to improve the health of millions of individuals, according to Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Boston University.

In a recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, it noted that public housing residents are at particular risk from second hand smoke, which is known to cause serious health problems, especially for children. Not only are smoking rates higher among those living in low socio economic environments but even non-smokers can suffer health effects because of second hand smoke.

Recent evidence suggests that most public housing residents support a ban on smoking. If implicated this may have a considerable affect on improving the health of millions who suffer chronic aliments and side affects due to smoking.

If this ban was mandated, support should be provided for residents to stop smoking. If it was said they could only smoke behind their own closed doors this may aid the community from breathing in their second hand smoke but issues remain on the effects of any other non-smoker residing in the property, especially children.

We can never force people to do or not do something in their private residence. It can however be mandated that smokers must restrict this habitual behaviour to not affect others.

Surely we should all want to improve the opportunity for children to grow up smoke-free, thus breaking the cycle of family cigarette use. Should this be considered in every state and country around the world? Government try hard to reduce or stop this smoking habit so community members health stops becoming compromised and quality of life improves. Not only will this help protect our children but will save every country multi-millions of dollars in health-care costs.

Smokers of course have the right to smoke if they want, they have the right to spend their money on a product that will slowly kill them and cause their family distress however are they entitled to affect other innocent members of the community and their children due to their second hand smoke?

It is easy to stop smoking if you want to. Without drugs, spending time going to appointments, or withdrawals. comes to you. It is fast and affective if you want to do it now.


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