Erectile Dysfunction & Weight

Connection between Erectile Dysfunction & Weight…Concerning News for Men

Worried Senior Man Sits On Bed Whilst Wife Sleeps

Research has found that those extra pounds on a man puts them at risk for erectile dysfunction. It has been found the connection between erectile function and being overweight in men, is fact.

Waistlines are growing larger with every passing year. It’s a problem in our society: We have this insatiable appetite when it comes to fast and junk foods and our ability to use our self control is diminishing for many.

This can be an even bigger issue for men in the bedroom area. People who believe they can’t resist high-fat and high-sugar foods, develop higher blood sugar levels. The result is many people are living in a pre-diabetic state yet are completely unaware of it.

Men who develop type 2 diabetes are at risk of a multitude of medical issues, one being erectile dysfunction.

Sexual issues like erectile dysfunction is the most common symptom that result in men going to the doctor. Elevated blood sugar levels in the body cause the same kinds of nerve and blood vessel damage in the penis that it does in other parts of the body.

Erectile dysfunction occurs in men nine times more often if they suffer from diabetes or heart disease. In fact any man with considerable weight can experience these same erectile problems.

Men suffering from erectile issues are advised to get a screening for heart disease and diabetes. Then the problem with medications to treat these conditions can lead to further erectile dysfunction.

If men need a reason to ensure their diet and weight is improved, sexual and erectile dysfunction would have to rate almost top of the list. Then the issue of relationship issues are yet another problem to manage due to this.

Men who are willing to take that necessary steps, to loose weight and improve their health will certainly move towards a better sexual and emotional relationship with their partner.

Wouldn’t any man do whatever they can to ensure they remain sexually active, healthy and attractive to their partner forever? An adult relationship is based on the intimacy and sexuality shared between two adults.

Shouldn’t that be good enough motivation to take charge and take control of your eating and weight?

Start improving your life today, it really is easy! Get your weight loss session Now and start your new healthy lifestyle today. You will feel better, your health will improve, performance renewed and your self confidence increased.

There really is no reason to suffer or wait. Weight Loss can be so easy if your subconscious mind is on your side, after all, we most all accept our issue with foods is in our mind. Let’s correct that today. Your connection with food will be redirected and balanced quickly. Do it for yourself today…


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