Do Gym Workouts Help Weight Loss ?

Do Gym Workouts Help Weight Loss?

This article explains the reason why just gym workouts alone will not help weight loss.

The fact is, while any form of movement or exercise is beneficial to the overall health of your body, it does not have the affect of weight loss that many people expect.

Reducing your weight is simply a matter of less in and more out. This is achieved easily by using hypnotherapy embedding commands into the subconscious mind convincing the person they do not want to eat junk foods and are satisfied with smaller healthier portions. It removes the thoughts of food from your day to day life and enables the person to consider food for nutrition and health.

The benefits of weight reduction are numerous. Not only does it generate health and far less stress on your joints and heart, it enables the person to feel emotionally good about themselves, feel empowered and in control. When we can feel in control again it has a magnifying effect on our self-esteem and self confidence.

People, when the correct size, feel fantastic, more attractive and happier. Research has shown the benefits on individuals when they reduce their size are enormous.

Going to the Gym won’t help you lose weight – you need to eat less: Study finds exercise alone is not enough to shed the pounds

  • Experts have studied the link between exercise and obesity for years
  • Trials show exercising and dieting is no more effective than dieting alone
  • When people exercise, their appetite increases and they may eat more food
  • The only way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories


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