Detox Your Lungs After Stop Smoking

Herbs to Help Detox Your Lungs After You Stop Smoking

Helpful ways to Detox Your Lungs after you Stop Smoking

1. Mullein

One of the best herbs for clearing your lungs after you stop smoking. Both it’s flower and leaves can be used to soothe the nasal passages. This herbal remedy has been used yellow-mullein-flower throughout time for things like respiratory problems including asthma, pneumonia, and tuberculosis.

Traditionally it is taken as a tea, added to oils and ointments or simply smoked. Mullein is a natural expectorant, containing a compound known as saponins which help break down the mucus in the lungs. It’s soothing to the body although can be a bit harsh when smoked so tea is best if your throat is sensitive.

Prepare some mullein tea by adding 1 – 4 tea spoons depending on the amount of water. Steep the leaves for up to 10 minutes before drinking. Breath in the steam for awhile too, it’s amazingly helpful as well. You can add coltsfoot to the mix as well for more helpful herb-age.

2. Lungwort

Also known as pulmonaria, this herb has been used as a lungwort-flowermedicine since the 1600s – and for good reason too! It works by creating more production of serous mucus in our body. This liquid exists in the body to help with digestion and respiration.

It thins out the phlegm, thus creating an ease to breathing more clear. If you have accumulated a lot of tar in your lungs from smoking – this is the herb for you.

 It helps with bronchitis, asthma and other major respiratory diseases that create a restriction to breathing. It’s also known to help fight bacteria existing in the body and increase the function of the immune system.

Take it as a tea. Do one to two teaspoons to one cup of water. Add more if desired. Soak for a few minutes or until it’s strong enough and drink it multiple times a day if you’re really trying to clear your lungs.

3. Liquorice Root

As a tea – it’s incredible. The first sip of the tea doesn’t taste like much, but wait half a second and your mouth becomes overwhelmed with a delicious sweetness. That natural sweetener is perfect for soothing the throat.

It’s great for lung detoxification as it relives irritation. It helps loosen the phlegm in our throat to make it easier to then expel. It’s antibiotic properties kill bacteria and viruses living in our system.

Drink it in a delicious tea! No sweetener needed – it’s already amazingly sweet. Add any desired amount to boiling water – taste for it’s intensity. Ginger, lavender and liquorice go perfect together, and it’s a completely healthy drink too! 

4. Coltsfoot

Coltsfoot, also known as Tussilago farfara is a plant part of the sunflower family. It looks like little dandelion’s but be careful – when not taken properly it can be toxic. The leaves of this plant have been used since ancient times to treat colds, coughs and other similar sicknesses.

It had been used as a general medicine before specifically helping for the lungs. It’s effective for smokers when trying to quit. It helps the recovery of tar covered lungs from years of smoking.

It loosens the mucus as it acts as a great expectorant. If you have a sore throat or dry cough it creates good relief for that kind of irritation. 

The flowers are stronger when cleaning the lungs although the leaves are typically used. Make a tea out of this plant! You can mix it with mullein with 1 parts coltsfoot and 2 parts mullein. Add this mix to boiling water and soak for up to 10 minutes. 

5. Indian Tobacco

Ironically called a tobacco is a herb is great for reversing the effects of tobacco on the lungs. This amazing herb grows only a few times a year in North America!

It has been used by Natives throughout time as they understood the healing properties of this plant. It has been used to treat an array of respiratory diseases long before it was used to detoxify lungs.

Lobeline is an alkaloid that is the main source of relief in this plant. It loosens the phlegm and thins the mucus in the air passages. It’s especially helpful for more serious respiratory issues like asthma and bronchitis.

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